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Horse riding and horse trekking for the entire family

Horse taming and training

For all those who love nature, wild places and long horse rides surrounded by nature the Quattro Mori riding school for adults and children offers a splendid route which retraces the old Roman Road that from the ancient Bithia leads to the Pinus Village.

An expert horseman will guide you through this old and mysterious path, through pristine and otherwise inaccessible coves and bays, coasting the maquis shrubland.

From here you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view and the wonderful sandy triangle in front of the Su Coldorinu island, an old Phoenician sacred area.

Continuing, you will come across the magical Cala de sa Musica (literally the Music Cove): a tiny rocky bay hidden by a thick brush of secular juniper trees, myrtle and lentisk.

Following the old Roman road, which used to be an important commercial junction between Nora and Bithia, you will finally reach the Pinus Village, a small sandy shore dominated by secular pine trees that trace back to the times when the Roman Empire ruled over Sardinia.

Alessandro Angioni: an expert horseman, since more than 10 years his riding school offers suggestive horse rides and walks, suitable for children and adults until 90 kgs of weight.

The routes are organized in different difficulty levels.

  • Roman Road - Monte de Sa Guardia: suitable for all, even children aged 7 and over
  • Roman Road - Pinus Village: average difficulty route
  • Strada del Faro (Lighthouse Road): suitable for expert horsemen